Unions. When do they evolve or move on?

I’ll just start this post by pointing out that I am not a fan of what unions have become. What unions accomplished decades ago, different story. What they have become, is just frustrating and aggravating.

Unions this day in age are nothing more than parasites. They do nothing useful, protect people whose employment status is questionable and really as far as parasites go, they are a drain on resources from both the employee and company.

Let’s go with some examples.

A nurses union was upset that nurses were legislated to be essential and that nurses should have the right to strike and that should not be taken from them. I agree completely that nurses are essential and with many healthcare systems already struggling, this makes sense.

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that employees shouldn’t be forced to join a union in the first place. Everyone should have a choice to join or not.

Moving onto the next dinosaur, Canada Post … An antiquated service kept alive through the threats of a union and the aged population that uses it. Mail volumes are declining (as are its consumers) and the service we once had is not the service we need today. Really the postal service should be spun off as a private entity. Compete and survive or continue on the current course and become irrelevant and non existent.

Anyways. Can unions be useful? Sure, just not in most developed countries. Look elsewhere, at the issues in electronics factories, the clothing sweatshops and any other place where corps capitalize on cheap labour and no standards.

I think a primary right that all people should have … a safe work environment. Otherwise if you don’t like your job, find a new one. Given the economy in many places I’m sure there are 20+ people willing to do a person’s job at any time.

BAM BAM as Foreign Secretary?

What’s next for the United Kingdom or the un-United Kingdom.

Really I’m not sure things could get any worse, at least that is what I was thinking just a few days ago. And then low and behold, the bad decisions keep coming. I have no idea who thought selecting Bam bam as the foreign secretary was a good idea, but the man is a dolt and from what I have seen so far he will be comic relief for countries that take governing seriously.

Branded “outrageous” and “a liar”, the UK should have opted for Ant and Dec as joint foreign secretaries. Instead Prime Minister Theresa May has decided to kick off her new role with a bad decision. Maybe it is a lost bet that led to the selection of Boris.

One can only hope that the appointment of Boris does not cause further issue.

Insert blog post here.

I started writing a blog post earlier and I was doing this while watching the news … Needless to say the news has once again shown that society is yet again, a disappointment.

First and foremost. What do US police forces do when hiring new cops, just check that they can read, write and pull a trigger? It almost seems that way some days. However, as with anything it only takes a small amount to make everyone else look bad.

I’m at a loss as to what I should write. I had a few ideas before I turned the TV on, but they quickly faded and were replaced with questions. I’ve als been thinking … I fear what will become of the US if Trump does get into the oval office. He is an enabler of hatred and that is the last thing anyone needs.

At some point people need to understand that they are no better or different than the person next to them, the person down the road or the person in another country or on another continent.

If we could just do away with the influencers or influences that drag society down. People preying on people’s fears and lack of understanding/knowledge. It appears that it is easier to tell people something entirely false then it is to explain something.

I really have nothing else today. I read and listen to the news and wonder when things will get better or will it get worse.

Sigh …

and here we go …


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